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Sore-Self Salve



Our Sore-Self Salve was formulated to give direct and soothing relief to the most tender parts of self, using only organic ingredients found in nature. Each botanical in this salve was deliberately chosen to aid in the ease of chronic bodily pain and inflammation, from the warming effects of cayenne pepper to the subtle cooling of organic menthol crystals to the compliments of arnica. This product is ideal for joint pain, arthritis, sore muscles, cramps and general aches and pain relief.

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Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, acute injury recovery, trouble with anxiety and sleep or you are a female with menstrual imbalances – we’ve got the CBD topical to support you.

Each one of our salves is carefully and intentionally hand-crafted by Brynn, our formulationist, right on our farm using plants we’ve grown organically or ethically sourced and organic ingredients as well as our full-spectrum hemp extract made from our certified organic hemp flower. In the USA, it is common for skincare products to contain loads of harmful chemicals; it is known that about 60% of what we put onto our skin absorbs directly into our bloodstream which is why we only use the purest and safest ingredients – so that we can support your body being in balance versus putting your body under more stress.

**Not intended for use on broken skin or mucous membranes.


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24 Reviews for Sore-Self Salve

  1. Kimberly Trust says:

    Good stuff for old maple farmer women!

  2. Beverly C. says:

    Awesome product. Really works on pain

  3. Lisa Mowers says:

    This stuff is incredible. I’ve tried a few over the counter and prescription pain creams and patches. This is the best so far. Just a little goes a long way. I’ve used it for arthritis pain, back pain, and nerve pain and it works well on all of them. I’ve also tried the Divine and the rested salves and found both to be wonderful. They also smell great. 😉

  4. Robert G. says:

    After using it for several days, I am seeing relief from lower back pain.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Really fantastic salve. I try not to take too many nsaids and this is a perfect natural alternative. I feel relief immediately upon application and continue to feel better for hours.

  6. Victoria Radel says:

    I ordered this for my mother who needs a knee transplant, but is too high risk. She said it helps greatly, and allows her to keep doing what she loves. Thank you!!!

  7. Ellen Dooley says:

    I was wondering if the cayenne pepper would by too strong but it is very mild and wonderful!!!! I love it. Thinking about getting the extra strength sore-self next time. I am very impressed with the quality of your product.

  8. Kathryn "Muffy" Poprycz says:

    Love this!

  9. Donna O. says:

    Definitely helped me with nagging arm/shoulder/neck pain. Used it early in day and at night.

  10. michele says:

    Smells amazing

  11. Beverly A Conroy-Kent says:

    Love this product

  12. Shari Carver says:

    You guys are great! Thanks to “Sore-Self” I have now been pain free in my knees for over 2 years!

  13. Bonnie says:

    Works wonders on my husbands hips and back, he applies it when he has pain and soon after the pain is gone…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love this product because it helps to alleviate the tension headaches and neck pain that I suffer with during days when I’m on the computer. It also helps to open up my sinuses.

  15. Patricia says:

    Helps take the soreness out of my muscles.

  16. Beth S. says:

    Feels great!

  17. Robert K. says:

    This product truly has helped me with ongoing inflammation issues. Easy to order and product was shipped very quickly. The owners are a delightful couple who are always willing to answer my questions.

  18. Sally says:

    Inexpensive and you don’t need much – it helps with pain and inflammation

  19. Erin says:

    WORKS WELL! At time of application you don’t feel it tingle or burn but after a bit, I noticed the pain was gone! I was quite impressed! many products feel strong /burn going on but do nothing for the pain level.

  20. Julia A. says:


  21. April says:

    This is a stocking stuffer as the price is right and the results are comforting.

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