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Repaired-Self is packed with botanicals that aid in cell regeneration, inflammation, pain relief, and skin/scar tissue repair. This formulation is intended for use on acute injuries (sprains, strains, pulls, fractures etc), for connective tissue repair and pain relief (joints, tendons, ligaments), or for any body parts that are on the path of repair. It is meant to encourage your body to ignite its own wise self-healing actions – a supportive friend when our bodies are very much in need of one.

**Not intended for use on mucous membranes or broken skin

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Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, acute injury recovery, trouble with anxiety and sleep or you are a female with menstrual imbalances – we’ve got the CBD topical to support you.

Each one of our salves is carefully and intentionally hand-crafted by Brynn, our formulationist, right on our farm using plants we’ve grown organically or ethically sourced and organic ingredients as well as our full-spectrum hemp extract made from our certified organic hemp flower. In the USA, it is common for skincare products to contain loads of harmful chemicals; it is known that about 60% of what we put onto our skin absorbs directly into our bloodstream which is why we only use the purest and safest ingredients – so that we can support your body being in balance versus putting your body under more stress.

**Not intended for use on broken skin or mucous membranes.


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11 Reviews for Repaired-Self Salve

  1. Bruce says:

    Great product

  2. tdlteam says:

    Really great product! Thanks Fiddlers!

  3. Robert G. says:

    After using it for several days, I am seeing relief from lower back pain.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The salve has really helped my arthritic knee pain.

  5. Beverly A Conroy-Kent says:

    Perfect products with great prices. They truly work well

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used it twice now on my shoulder which has arthritis/bursitis. I like the texture – not gooey like some creams. I also like that it doesn’t smell like menthol which makes me and others think I’m sick. Only a clean grass smell. It seems to relieve the pain for several hours.

  7. Denise Dixon says:

    It helps my knees and ankles from the nerve pain and arthritis

  8. Denise Dixon says:

    It has helped my nerve damage

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