Sunny’s Honey


The bees in our apiary have the benefit of feeding from our 100 acre Certified Organic farm. They feed heavily on clover and black locust early in the year and then find darker flowers later in the season, creating a beautiful spectrum of the season’s nectar. We only take excess honey stores, leaving the bees with plenty of their own bounty to get through the year.

12oz Jar

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Our honey is always raw honey! Tons of folks in our community use it to help with allergies or just to enjoy the delight and effervescence it can offer.

3 Reviews for Sunny’s Honey

  1. Kim says:

    Best honey, it’s so sweet you only need a little. Makes my homemade granola delicious 😊

  2. Bruce Batten says:

    Try this miracle potion instead of sugar in your next old fashioned, with orange bitters for a fabulous new beverage adventure!

  3. Toni London says:

    Smooth and golden. Love it in my Bees Knees cocktail!